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Audiobooks & Ebooks

Yes, The Literate Lizard Online Bookstore offers Audiobooks, and we would LOVE your support by purchasing through us! We understand that in this age of digital overload, you may already have an existing audiobook source and platform. Nevertheless, we believe our audiobooks from offer great value and service. And did I mention we would LOVE your support! Read more about below the image is very similar to Amazon’s, but with the advantage of a part of your purchase supporting your local bookstore rather than that omnipotent mega-corporation. You can buy books a la card, or sign up for a $14.99 monthly membership, which gives you your first audiobook free  and 30% off each additional purchase every month. There are apps for both Android and Apple. And get this! Audiobooks from are DRM-free, which means you fully own your purchase! Amazon can’t sneak in and snatch away your book if you mean-tweet Jeff Bezos.

So there you have it. Whether you prefer good old-fashioned paper books or listening to audiobooks, you can get it all from The Literate Lizard Online. Thank you for your support!


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