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The Literate Lizard Online Bookstore E-Giftcard

Send the thrill of the Literate Lizard Online world of books to your favorite person by email. This E-giftcard can be set to any amount from $10.00 and up; simply enter the amount in the field currently preset at $10.00. You can specify a date in the future for it to be emailed to the recipient if you want to pay now but have it arrive for a specific special occasion. And you can enter a personalized message for the recipient.

Please note that eGift Cards are processed manually, so it may take a day between ordering and e-delivery to your recipient.

eGiftcards cannot be used to purchase audiobooks, as these are sold through our affiliate partneship with

Format: $9.99. Minimum allowed value is $10.00.

Delivery Date

The date that the e-gift card should be delivered to the recipient.